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Who we are

Japanese kitchen knives

Totiko was founded after a year-long passion for cooking, steel processing and desire for constant improvement.

How? By simply combining our passion to centuries of Japanese history, to manufacture hand-crafted knives using precious materials, Italian style…and a little bit of technology!

Here’s how our Japanese kitchen knives are born. A unique, beautiful, reliable and professional tool to engage yourself daily in increasingly sophisticated dishes, making cooking simple and fun.

Totiko: be creative in the kitchen!

Why Totiko?

“I wanted something different from your average knife. I used to dream of a kitchen companion aesthetically pleasant, designed to the last detail, sturdy, practical, with a long-lasting, extra-sharp blade, never to let me down. In my head, a new knife was taking shape: a knife which would allow me to enhance every dish and made me want to try my hand in always new recipes. It’s a bit like our lives: we put ourselves to the test daily to take our limits to the next level.

I wanted all of this, and I wanted it at a reasonable price, accessible to everyone. Something that, alas, I could not find in one single product. Hence the idea of creating something unique, something to make users happy.
Starting from the assumption that perfection does not exist and that, therefore, there is no perfect knife either – since everyone has their own preferences and habits – I have created Totiko knives, a collection of Japanese knives to meet every chef’s need.

Why Japanese knives? Both my thirst for knowledge and my business have always been leading me far from home. I have travelled from Middle-East to the East, appreciating new ways of living and discovering how important it is to respect everything that surrounds us. In Japanese tradition, even knives have a spirit and are respected. Attention to the use of knives in Japan is essential. Handling kitchen knives is a ritual: everything must be perfect and each tool has to be kept clean and dry after each cut. As a passion, it needs lots of dedication.”

Professional kitchen knives

Totiko features:
  • Skilfully designed with care for details
  • Always practical
  • Precise cuts
  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Ergonomic handle for greater comfort
  • Better plating
What are you waiting for? Find out our collection of professional kitchen knives!