Professional Japanese Kitchen Knife, Sashimi YANAGIBA Sakai 27CM – 9 inches

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Willow-leaf knife, it ranks among the knives used to prepare sushi and sashimi. The blade is exceptionally long by Western standards (even more than 360mm), forged with one single type of steel, thin, sharpened only on one side and highly polished to reduce any friction and cut effortlessly. As a matter of fact, Japanese chefs believe that excessive stress during cutting negatively affects the quality of the fish to be served. That’s why a proper cutting should be carried out with one single movement: the operation involves resting the heel of the blade on the fish with the tip pointing upwards at almost 45 degrees, and then slicing downwards along the flesh.

  • Cardboard box equipped with magnetic clasp, perfect to store the knife and/or as a gift.
  • Total knife length: 42cm; Blade Length: 27cm; Handle Length: 15cm;
  • Blade Width: 3.5cm; Blade Thickness: 3.8mm; Knife weight: 256g.

  TOTIKO JAPAN KNIVES. A series of Japanese knives combining exceptional sharpening, easy maintenance and practicality. Their highly ergonomic Western-style handles, suitable for any type of cut, match perfectly with Japanese-style blades. Our chef’s knives are manufactured with care, following a semi-artisanal process using high-quality material. A manufacturing process which takes more than 60 days to be carried out. The steel blade is rich in carbon, and has an enhanced crystal structure which is obtained thanks to a precise cryogenic tempering process with liquid nitrogen. This increases strength, flexibility and hardness, giving a sharpness which can be compared to the one of a particularly elastic scalpel. The blade is resistant, with a long-lasting sharpness. Each one of our knives has handmade finishes carried out in 3 phases using Honbazuke method.