Japanese sharpening whetstone, its material is 3 times more durable for sharpening professional blades, 1000/3000 grain

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1000/3000 grain Japanese whetstone for sharpening any kind of steel blade. The 1000 grain is the most used for the first sharpening of all blades in general, while the 3000 grain is used to deburr blades after sharpening, or as an intermediate step between 1000 and 6000 grain sharpening.

TOTIKO JAPAN KNIVES was developed after a year-long passion for cooking , steel and for the desire for constant improvement. How? By simpling combining our passion to several centuries of Japanese history to manufacture hand-crafted knives using precious material, italian design…and a little bit of technology! Here’s how our sharpening Japanese whetstones are born. A unique, beautiful, reliable and professional tool to engage yourself daily in increasingly sophisticated dishes, making their creation simple and fun.