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“Beautiful Bamboo block to make your kitchen unique, complete with every knife you may need for professional use in a kitchen.

Knives included in the block are the following:

  • 20cm Chef’s knife suitable for any use in the kitchen: meat, fish and vegetables;
  • 19cm Santoku suitable for any use in the kitchen: meat, fish and vegetables;
  • 19cm roast or multipurpose knife ideal for slicing meat and hams;
  • Bread knife, it allows to slice without smashing food;
  • Utility knife for small jobs, generally used where the Chef’s knife cannot reach;
  • Bonining knife, used to remove bones from meat;
  • Bird’s beak paring knife suitable for paring, ideal for cutting fruit and vegetables.
  • 600-grain diamond-coated sharpening steel with oval steel rod;
  • Cardboard box, perfect as a gift.

TOTIKO JAPAN KNIVES. A series of Japanese knives combining exceptional sharpening, easy maintenance and practicality. Their highly ergonomic Western-style handles, suitable for any type of cut, match perfectly with Japanese-style blades. Our chef’s knives are manufactured with care using high-quality material. A manufacturing process which takes more than 60 days to be carried out. The German-steel core is rich in carbon, and has an enhanced crystal structure which is obtained thanks to a precise cryogenic tempering process with liquid nitrogen. This increases strength, flexibility and hardness, giving a sharpness which can be compared to the one of a particularly elastic scalpel. The blade is resistant, with a long-lasting sharp blade.