30.5-CM DIAMOND SHARPENING STEEL, inox-steel oval rod and 600-grain diamond coating to sharpen Japanese and professional knives

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Modern industrial diamond-coated inox-steel sharpening steel with oval rod. The sharpening surface is enhanced thanks to its rounded shape, which ensures higher efficiency and speed while sharpening. The type of grain allows to immediately remove swarf from the blade. Hence, we recommend carefulness while using it, for even one single scrape is enough to bring the knife back to perfect efficiency. Knowing the right sharpening technique to adopt and the right angle is paramount: to know more, we recommend you to follow our tutorials.

  • Total length: 44cm; Oval rod: 30cm; Handle: 14cm.. Oval rod length: 2cm; Oval rod thickness: 0.7mm

TOTIKO JAPAN KNIVES was developed after a year-long passion for cooking , steel and for the desire for constant improvement. How? By simpling combining our passion to several centuries of Japanese history to manufacture hand-crafted knives using precious material, italian design…and a little bit of technology! This is how our sharpening steel are born. A unique, beautiful, reliable and professional tool to engage yourself daily in increasingly sophisticated dishes, making their creation simple and fun.